If you are a High School student in Peterborough, you have a free pass to Ferndale's Sr. High. There are teens that reach into every school that make up this fun, energetic, ready to serve gang. The meetings are on Thursday nights for a time of digging deeper into growing our relationships with Jesus and with other students. These interactive nights allow the opportunity to discuss some of the relevant issues that face us today. There is also an opportunity to create nights and programs to serve in a way that shows Christ's love for our city and the people in it. This group enjoys each other's company and really likes to have fun together, as well as creating some outrageous activities once a month. This group is involved in their High Schools, weekend retreats, mission trips and leading summer camps for kids. It would be great to see you some time, so why don't you come and check us out and see for yourself that this is a pretty cool group to hang out with!

Want to know more? Call Cody Hiscox, Youth Director at 745-85645 or email at