Ferndale Bible Church has a spiritual, moral and legal obligation to provide a secure environment for children participating in church programs that are under the auspices and authority of the church.  Everyone who teaches, helps or cares for children and/or youth is required to follow the guidelines and procedures as defined in the Plan to Protect Policy.

Ferndale Bible Church is committed to the following:

  • We will screen all paid employees, including ministerial staff, and volunteers who work with preschoolers, children or youth.
  • We will check references and do criminal record checks on all our workers, for any position involving work with preschoolers, children or youth.
  • We will train all staff who work with preschoolers, children or youth, both paid and volunteer to understand the nature of child sexual abuse and how to carry out our policies.
  • All workers will sign a Ministry Covenant, agreeing to comply with the church policies and guidelines.
  • There is a "two-adult" rule that is in place to reduce the risk of child molestation.
  • Volunteers will be permitted to work with preschoolers, children or youth only after they have been adherents/members for a period of six months. This provision may be waived where the person is transferring from another church and has a letter of recommendation signed by the pastor of that church.