Ferndale Bible Church has a mission and passion to serve and reach out in the love of Jesus to our surrounding community. We do this through a variety of projects and programs such as spring community cleanup, community carnivals, after-school programs, youth service projects, and nursing and care home ministry. This page of our website will keep you updated with our current and upcoming Community Outreach initiatives.


This is an outreach for the children and families in our community. Children will join us from 3:45pm every Thursday until 6:30pm fo a 6-week period to learn some valuable cooking skills. While the children are here, they will work together to prepare a full dinner. The children will be placed into groups where under the guidance of an experienced cook, they will prepare one aspect of the meal. During their time here, they will have the opportunity to participate in making every aspect of a meal including an appetizer, main course, and dessert. At 5:30pm, the families will be invited to join us to enjoy the dinner the children have prepared. We have a lot of fun together, and make some really great meals. the kids will leave with skills that will benefit them and their families for years to come!!