Small Groups
At Ferndale, we believe that church is Christ's followers together in community knowing Jesus as Lord, growing in His likeness, and showing His love by serving. We donít believe that church is at its best when all the chairs are facing the same direction listening to someone speak from the front. True church is when we turn our chairs inward and face one another, sharing our life, joys, and struggles, studying Godís Word, praying together, caring for one anotherís needs, and encouraging each other to live out the teachings of Jesus.
Small groups are our primary means of expressing and experiencing authentic Christian community at Ferndale. There are several ways for you to become involved in a small group. Maybe this is new to you and youíre not sure where to start. Or perhaps you are familiar with this and you know exactly what you are looking for. In either case, the following information will guide you through your questions and give you a picture of what we offer.

Special Interest Groups
These are groups that are generally larger in size (10-20 people), and are organized based on specific interests and needs. This would include Ladies Bible Studies, LIGHT Ministries, Men's Bible Study, Mature Adults Prayer Meeting, or College and Sunday Morning Bible Study.